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Sleep is so important to me that I put a lot of thought and research into consistently getting a good, solid night’s sleep. I know how much my day is affected if I can’t get to sleep or can’t stay asleep, and I’m sure many of you can relate. Because of this, I have tried almost everything I come across that claims to enhance the quality of a restful night. These are some of my favorites. While many of them speak for themselves, I’d like to tell you a little more about some of them.

The Chilisleep ChiliPad CHANGED MY LIFE. It’s a cooling (and warming) pad that goes on your bed to keep you comfortable all through the night.

I’m sure the red lightbulb might be puzzling for you. With so many of us doing work and school from home and spending more time on computers, the benefits of blue light blocking glasses (the ones pictured here from Peepers are available with or without “reader” magnification!) has become more commonly known, but did you know that eliminating exposure to blue and white light at night and instead bathing in red light is more conducive to sleep? A study by US neuroscientists at Ohio State University and published in the Journal of Neuroscience, showed that red light is more beneficial to the mind and body, promotes better sleep, and is less likely to caused changes in the brain linked to depression than white or blue light. The only thing better than red light is no light at all. This is the same concept behind the TruDark twilight sleep hacking glasses.

Natural Calm is an anti-stress magnesium supplement that balances calcium intake while it promotes restful sleep and relaxed muscles. Most women are deficient in magnesium, and Calm is a great way to get it. I like to make it in the evenings in a mug with hot water, like a tea.

I find that spending a little time writing in my gratitude journal at the end of each days puts it into focus in a positive way and sets me up for a “reset” for the following day, especially when the day doesn’t go well or is filled with hiccups.

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