What Are Your Favorite Things?

Nature is my place for a total refresh. Spending time outdoors invigorates my soul and I can feel life in my body with each deep breath. I think this is why one of my favorite design aesthetics is to bring the outside in. I love foraging for florals, branches, rocks and natures most beautiful greenery. Every week during my hikes in the mountains behind my house I am looking for the perfect combination of trimmings to bring home that will bring me joy throughout the week. The simple things sometimes bring us the most joy, do you agree? 

I think that is why I love stone and crystals. The beauty of a crystal is electrifying. I think crystals mean different things to different people. For me, they are one of the most grounding and gorgeous elements created in nature. To see the stone like shell on the outside, only to crack it open and find the most brilliant discovery of nature’s beauty, is miracle. 

I am very intentional with how I have designed and decorated our family home. I have made a point to be pro-active and clear out clutter, only bringing items into the home that we love and that mean something important to our life. Reshaping my mindset around this has really helped me in the moment from buying things we don’t need or things that I don’t absolutely love. This helps declutter my mind too, which is an added bonus! 

Are you surrounding yourself with your favorite things? Do you know what they are, have you thought about it? Our lives are so busy and move so quick, the more intentional I have been about making our home a place of true serenity, I see that it serves my entire family in the most beautiful way. 

There’s something to be said for art that evokes feelings of joy. Clinical-psychologist-turned-painter Yolanda Sanchez says, “I try to make art that is uplifting and that is joyful, because I think that’s what people need.”

Studies show that being near water makes us happier and improves our well-being. Take that sentiment indoors with H2O-inspired decor with artwork or a fountain. 

Incorporating your favorite hue into your home will make it feel like a true representation of you.  An aroma that evokes a happy memory is a shortcut to feeling happy right now. Place a scented candle or diffuser next to your bed or by the front door.

Placing treasures around your home or office that give you happy memories keep you living through a joyful lens of life. 

It’s about creating an atmosphere around you that gives you true joy and allows your environment to give you life, and not drain it from you. 

I’d love to know what are some of your favorite things? 

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