The Weekend RE/SHAPE

We’ve compiled some simple RE/SHAPE tips to tackle each weekend that will leave you feeling refreshed, accomplished and ready to take on a new week!


  • End your week strong with your clean eating, water hydration, and exercise, so you can pamper yourself over the weekend and indulge. 
  • During the week purchase and prep all the ingredients you need for your favorite weekend meals. 
  • Friday night plans! Schedule yourself, either out with family or friends or home with dinner and a relaxing evening. During the week, think about what would be your perfect ending to the week and plan for it.  It gives you something to look forward to and you won’t find yourself on the couch after your day – too tired to think about making a plan then. 
  • Clean out your car every Friday. Don’t go into the weekend or the next week with clutter in the car from the week before. 


  • Create your perfect Saturday morning routine. Your favorite breakfast, a hike outside, a trip to the farmers market, sitting on the porch reading. Make it a habit and set yourself up for success and an enjoyable routine. 
  • House projects: make a list of the projects you want to complete around the house. Make a plan to do at least one every Saturday – it may take 30 minutes or 2 hours – but you are getting it done. Its checked off the list and out of your mind. 
  • What does a self care Saturday look like to you? Make a point to take care of your self at least one Saturday per month if not two or even each Saturday. This looks like a hydrating face mask, a pedicure, a glass of wine with a friend. Feed your soul! I like the clay mask for Alitura Naturals.
  • Add fresh or foraged flowers or branches to your inside decor. It lifts the mood of the whole house immediately. 


  • Meditation Mornings! Start your day with gratitude. Write down words or a verse that is meaningful to you and post it in your bathroom on the mirror so you can read it every day for the next week. This gratitude journal is my favorite way to remain in a grateful state of mind.

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