The Truest Need for Girlfriends

Have you been through these times in your life where you feel a little isolated for one reason or another. I think as we journey through life and experience both the great and difficult times we we learn what we need in friendship and the people closest to us. 

Everything in life changes over time, its a factor we cannot control. I have learned that keeping a close group of girlfriends around that you can laugh with, confide in and talk about anything with, can be one of the most fulfilling life experiences. Our relationships become the foundation for life in so many ways. 

Years ago as I went through a difficult heartbreak. I made the decision to take time for myself, really for the first time in such a deep way. I needed to really get to know myself and who I was at the core to learn what and who I needed in my life to create the very best version of myself and the life I had dreamed of. 

We’ve heard for years the quote – “you become who you surround yourself with”, and it is so true. Are your girl friends the kind that lift you up, don’t judge you and truly want the best for you? Let me tell you, finding your people is one of the most important discoveries in life. Don’t be surprised if some of your closest friends are the people you may not expect. Opposites attract and we are all much better for it. 

Perhaps it is time for you to reshape your intention for your girlfriends. Dig a little deeper and build the relationships and community that will create long term joy in your life.

I’m so thankful for my girlfriends, they are like rays of sunlight into my soul. 

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