The Color Theory

The Color Theory is based on the idea that 85% of our communication is non-verbal. According to studies, the colors you choose to include in your wardrobe, your home and even in the office have been scientifically proven to influence your mood and overall lifestyle. 

  • Red is for passion, extroversion, energy. People who like red clothes tend to be risk takers, aggressive, energetic, and quick in releasing their emotions. 
  • Orange work-out apparel creates stimulation and enthusiasm. Orange is a mix of red (passion) and yellow (joy). Research has found that orange increases oxygen supply to the brain, produces an energizing effect and stimulates the brain activity.  If you like orange, you probably are a social person who likes spending time with groups of people. 
  • Yellow is for the person who are not shy, yet a little aloof. They are logical and consistent and concentrate well.
  • Blue can lower you heart rate and reduces anxiety because it mimics the sky. People who are drawn to blue indicate; peace, tranquility. Blue portrays calm, truth, confidence and security. 
  • Green personality types tend to be environmentally friendly, have a lot of friends, are very social, party well, eat well and live well. 
  • Purple colors were only used by royalty in the past. Today, they indicate a personality type having great love for art, creativity, and imagination. Such people also tend to have deep insight, they are charming but can also be temperamental. 
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