Did you know we have a section on the RE/SHAPE platform with my personal collection of my favorite reads? It is a curated set of books that have helped me reshape my heart, mind, soul and health over the last 20 years. 

Have you ever read an inspirational quote or heard someone say something that hit your heart and it changed you? Quotes and sayings are powerful, I use them to encourage myself every day in my prayer and meditation time. Often times we need a little support with our self talk and how we are developing our mindset. I am sharing the books that have helped create a foundation in my life to keep my mind and heart free of clutter and focused on total life enhancement. 

A few favorites: 

  • The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari 
  • Book of Proverbs 
  • The Surrender Experiment 

I love to learn, and I have found that creating systems in certain areas of my life very much help me prioritize my day and keep me on track with what is most important in my life.  I have gathered the books that have helped shape my personal daily routines and provide solid systems for various areas of our life that we need to fine tune and zero in on. 

A few favorites: 

  • The 5AM Club 
  • How to Win Friends and Influence People 
  • The Home Edit 

Self-help, this is a broad term. At different stages of our life as we go through ups and downs, often we need a little guidance on how to reshape a certain area of our life that is no longer serving us. I have assembled my favorite self-help books that have proved to offer me significant direction when I needed it the most. 

A few favorites: 

  • Mind Body Life Mastery
  • Raising Happiness 
  • The Well Journal 

Health and Wellness, what I love to talk about the most. I have been on a journey to improve my overall wellness in a few particular areas for a few years now. I have had the pleasure of speaking with several of the top thought leaders and voices in the world on various subjects concerning our health. I’m sharing several of my go-to books that I use regularly to keep all areas of my health on track.  

A few of my favorites: 

  • Family Foraging 
  • Living Ayurveda 
  • The Trifecta of Health

Check out RE/SHAPE Reads on the RE/SHAPE platform. I hope you will be inspired and find the information and tools you need for your own reshape. 

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