Are You Trying to be Superwoman?

As women, we are constantly juggling, balancing, providing, and taking on more responsibility both personally and professionally. We are quite literally making the world spin by holding up the everything around us.

We get insulated by the environment we have built around us, which I hope for you at most times, is beautiful. But do you ever feel like you are trying to be wonder-woman and its taking everything you have to hold up the walls and keep life from caving in?

I have gone through moments in my life where I have pushed myself to the max; between family, working and trying to keep my own self together, it can become too much. We continue to take more and more on and there is a moment that comes for all of us when we need to stop and recalibrate the world around us to reshape the things are that are no longer serving ourselves and the people we care about the most. 

For me, I try at least a couple times per year to stop and evaluate the world around me. I look at my monthly calendar and see how I am spending my time. I ask myself if what I am doing and are all my activities for the betterment of my life and my family, am I growing, is there time for my husband and kids, is there time for my own necessary self care? Am I just running in circles or is the busyness I’ve created meaningful for my life? That old adage is true, the older I get the wiser I get. It’s a very good practice to continually evaluate where you are in life and then reshape the areas that are not enhancing your world.  Becoming committed to the things that are fulfilling for your life and that your activities make you feel like you are aligned with your purpose will help create your personal a environment where you won’t feel the pressure to hold up the world because all your effort is driven by intention not just being busy for no real reason. 

Holding up the world is God’s gift to women, we all do it and are masters at it. I just encourage you to value your time and your energy to make sure all your hustle is meaningful and is building your life to its full potential. 

I often say, we only have one life, lets make it a masterpiece. 

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