7 Essential RE/SHAPE Lifestyle Tips

I’d like to share 7 Essential RE/SHAPE Lifestyle Tips with you. These are simple things to incorporate into your life yet the results can be profound.

  • Hydration 

Use a water bottle marked with the time of day to schedule your sips throughout the day or set your watch or phone as a reminder to drink your gallon of pure water each day. This is the one I’m currently using.

  • Keep Healthy Food Around 

It’s much easier to make good decisions around our food if we have great choices on hand for our meals, snacks and treats. I find that preparation is key and also keeping my pantry stocked with all the goodies I love. It helps me with my overall metal health around what I am eating and the choices I am making. 

  • Quality Sleep and Screen Time 

Make a commitment to yourself for your bed time during the week and do your best on the weekend too. Create an end of day routine to settle your mind and relax your body. This includes turning off all screens, blocking blue lights, turning your phone off and deep breathing. This is one of the most important times of your day to put effort into and build a structure that works for you. Your life in every area will be better for it long term. (See some of my picks to achieve your best sleep ever here.)

  • Warm Water with Lemon – first thing in the morning 

Studies show that a glass of warm water and lemon in the morning will alkaline the body for the day, aid in digestion and detoxify your cells. I never miss this in the morning along with my all dark greens vegetable juice.  (Read more about the benefits of green juice here.)

  • Space for Your Creativity 

Do you make time for yourself every week, even for an hour? Make the time to be creative in the areas that draw you in the most. It brings peace to your soul when you spend creative time outside of your weekly responsibilities. 

  • Stay Away from Negative People 

It may seem harmless, but negativity and can creep in to your own life and thoughts if you are not careful. Spot it early in people and figure out a plan for yourself so when it starts  you already know what to do. I like to change the subject or spin it to a positive. I have even decided to limit my time with certain people who seem to often have negativity in their life. We do become who we spend our time with, stay alert for what you let into your spirit. 

  • Don’t Try to Prove Your Worth  

If you don’t naturally connect with someone, whether for personal, business or as friends, there is no need for you to push to make someone see how valuable you are. They either see it or they don’t. Some may take a little time to see and recognize your deeper value, but we all have people we have met over the years that just don’t get you and that is ok, they are not for you! 

I hope you have found something in these lifestyle tips to incorporate into your routine.

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