Giving Tuesday

We often get caught up with Black Friday, cyber Monday, and just the idea of buying buying buying with very little meaning behind it.

This Sunday at church we had an opportunity to sponsor families for Christmas. We were able to look through letters and learn a little bit about each family and after discussing with the our children we picked 3 families to sponsor. One of the families had 3 children around the same ages as our kids, another was a single Mother with 2 small children and the 3rd family had two boys that loved skateboarding , a sport my husband is passionate about.

The request was to get each child a gift from their list and then a gift card for groceries for the parents or parent . We will then have the opportunity deliver them to each family and spend time with them.

I felt like this was an answer to our prayers and a way for us to focus on others with a true giving spirit.

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