The Art of Resting

Haven’t we all been conditioned throughout our lifetimes to go – go – go, and if we do stop to rest, we fight with ourselves internally when we are resting thinking that we should be up doing something. We are not meant to be responsible for everything, or fix everything, or make everyone around us happy all the time. Resting is truly an art, it must be held sacred and consistently practiced with intention. 

As the years go by, the idea of rest has become more important for my overall well being, how about you? 

I have found that I am so much more engaged in all areas of my life if I give myself the time my body and brain requires to rest. Its not the same every week or every month, but I know when it’s time for me to stop. I have also learned to try and pace myself the best I can so I don’t reach a place of burnout which creates a deeper level of exhaustion which none of us want for our lives. 

Learning to make time to rest on a consistent basis has improved my overall quality of life. Reshaping my schedule to include a weekly must-have restful activity like sitting at the beach, spending time in the park, taking a bubble bath, watching a movie with my favorite treat, or just sitting in the sun for 30 minutes on the porch has been a real game changer for my interior empires; mindset, soulset, heartset and my healthset, which Robin Sharma named.  

It’s ok to take a rest. Sometimes we need to tell ourselves this on a regular basis.  It’s ok to sit and be still and not let lists, activities and responsibilities run through our mind. Stress ages us.. who wants that?!  You might be amazed what comes to mind during your rest time as the soul is known to speak during these times; new ideas, dreams for your life, purpose and vision. Rest also allows your body to recover creating a healthier more vibrant you. 

So, I encourage you to listen to your body, figure out what relaxes you the most and make it a priority in your life. Give yourself this gift, you really do deserve it. 

Here’s a list of some of my favorite resting tips: 

  • Rest when you need to, Beast mode the rest of the time 
  • Sometimes making progress means taking rest days 
  • If you are tired, learn to rest and not quit 
  • Rest is not idle, and is not wasteful. Sometimes rest is the most productive thing you can do
  • Sometimes a break from your routine is the very thing you need 
  • Rest is as important as hard work 
  • The best cure of the body is a quiet mind 

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