Get To Know Yourself on a Cellular Level

How well do you really know yourself on a cellular level? We know our fitness level maybe by how we look in the mirror, the number squats in our sets or the miles we jog. 

Living our best life in the most healthy way begins at the cellular level. The only way to know the real state of our health is through a comprehensive blood-work panel. 

A few years back I wasn’t feeling great. Not bad enough to see our family doctor but just off. I was having major brain fog, my digestion was a mess, my hair was thinning, I felt exhausted all the time along with a few other issues. 

I was referred to a natural doctor who told me the first step was to order a broad blood panel which would give some indication for why I was feeling so off. Boy did it ever! Needless to say, several of my markers were off. Even some of the tests were in a standard clinical range but on the edges which also contributed to how I felt. 

It was a new experience for me to see a natural medicine doctor, their approach is so different and I love it! We also did more tests like; saliva and stool. Between all of the testing, we were able to get a full picture of my health from a cellular level and create a plan based around natural healing methods and protocols. 

I often got caught up in the latest and trendy supplement or eating plan that sweeps the country, but in reality one plan or a particular supplement is not equal for everyone. If you are not feeling 100% I encourage you to find a good natural medicine doctor to help you develop a custom lifestyle plan based on what you need at a cellular level. 

Once I learned what I needed and put a plan into consistent practice, my health and quality of life turned around nearly immediately.  And this is why I started RE/SHAPE. We can all reshape our lives and our health. We just need to tools and resources for how to do it. I hope my journey encourages your own reshape journey. 

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