Thank goodness I have always had a great shape to my brows and I never overplucked in the 9th grade or went to someone who made them obviously uneven.  Even though I have a nice arch and the length of my brows are decent, I have always filled them in to make them thicker, and more defined.  After all, they are the picture frame to your face and can really define and highlight your best features.  A strong brow can even act as a nonsurgical eye lift as we start to see the effects of age.  No matter what type of brow you have I think it is important to have them professional shaped so it is easier for at home maintenance.  

A  more permanent approach to great brows is microblading, a new trend in the eyebrow space.  It is sort of like a tattoo but a handheld tool is used instead of a machine to create individual hair strokes.  It is even great for people who have no hair or very little left on their brows because it looks so natural.  I decided to give it a try with one of the best, Piret Aava , The Eyebrow Doctor.

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