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In RESHAPE, Ali Landry validates the thoughts and feelings of many women who have felt off in one or many areas of their lives. Ali opens up about her personal experiences of feeling unbalanced physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Through these experiences, Ali discovered that creating the very best version of yourself is a matter of sincere evaluation and making the choice not to settle. It often takes reshaping your out- look, environment, and practices so you can make the space required to pivot and find the confidence and joy needed to make your life a masterpiece. Through her personal stories, insights, research, and tools, Ali equips women to RESHAPE the areas of their lives that are no longer serving them. If you are in need of a little RESHAPE in your life, let Ali’s personal journey be your inspiration.

As a tomboy growing up in a small town in the deep south, Ali Landry had big dreams to make a name for herself and make the world a better place for women. After winning Miss USA in 1996 and being featured in a now-famous Doritos Super Bowl commercial, Ali started a successful career as an actress, model, television host, and brand ambassador.

At forty, Ali landed her dream job as a talk show host, but after only a few weeks on the job, Ali began feeling out of sorts. She started looking for answers only to realize many people attributed her symptoms to getting older. After experiencing lingering effects of heartbreak, tragedy, loss, and health concerns, she decided she wanted to address the root causes, not just the symptoms.

From exhaustion to brain fog, hair thinning, slow digestion, and sleep issues, Ali refused to pass off the chronic discomfort as “aging” and dedicated herself to research, inter- views, and product-testing in order to take back her health. In RESHAPE, Ali invites you in on her personal journey to find her personal journey to find herself again and reshape her life. Focusing on mind, heart, soul, health, and beauty, Ali is committed to curating the very best resources, services, and practices so women everywhere can reshape any area of their lives to find confidence, purpose, and wholeness like never before.

Living a life that you love is a holistic endeavor that requires healthy routines and practices in the key areas of your life: mind, heart, soul, health, and beauty. In order to live a fulfilled and vibrant life, you have to fight for it and decide that settling is not an option. Ali offers readers wisdom and insight for how to move through trying situations and recover from hardships with honesty and resilience. Vulnerably sharing her story, Ali seeks to empower and support women to face whatever life throws their way.

RESHAPE encourages readers and gives them the tools to learn about themselves, take better care of themselves, identify what sets their souls on fire, and create structures for their lives so they can develop a new found strength and resolve to face the future with joy and confidence. Filled with tips, practices, advice and strategy, RESHAPE will give you the foundation you need to begin building a life that is filled with good health, true joy, and unhindered fulfillment.


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